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OTANI Steel thinks of people as the most important resource.
In addition to learning through participating in day-to-day operations, each employee grows professionally through various forms of training. A corporation grows as its employees do.
OTANI Steel has an in-company human resources development system, applied according to ability and experience. It consists of specific job training for each position, specialized training, and workplace training. In addition, we are committed to creating working conditions where each employee can utilize his or her ability and skills. To achieve this, we have a borderless corporate system that allows all employees to share information, and a personnel assignment policy based on merit and talent.
We want our employees to be able to feel refreshed, so we have baths that can be used around the clock, relaxation rooms equipped with massage chairs and large video screens, training rooms furnished with DVD players, musical instruments, and free drink machines. We offer various reward systems and benefits to provide our employees an optimal workplace. These include various forms of insurance coverage, award systems, opportunities for loans, congratulatory and condolence benefits, etc.

Benefit Systems
^Various forms of social insurance, employee asset-building system, congratulatory and condolence benefits, an approved retirement annuity system, birthday and anniversary recognition, long-service employee awards, etc.
Facilities^Revitalization facilities, resort facilities, in-company clubs, etc.
We regularly hold language lesson sessions led by paid native-language instructors where our employees can nurture their sense of participation in the global community and improve their linguistic skills. We fully support employees- circle activities, such as music and other hobbies. We believe that employees with a breadth of individuality and a wide perspective are the ones who keep our business going. We assist our employees in their efforts of self-improvement.

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