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OTANI Steel is committed to supporting a society that recycles its resources by our work of recycling steel. We intend to become a corporation with "presence" ; one that contributes to the creation of a rich and varied culture and the formation of a community that is based on a cyclic approach to the use of resources.

As concerns over environmental and resource issues grow, expectations run high for OTANI Steel, a company that is actively involved in iron recycling. In order to conserve our limited resources, protect the earth's environment, and strongly support community development, we always keep in mind the possibility of Good Relationships Between People and Steel. We will live up to society's expectations, using our technology and creative efforts.

OTANI Steel has a long history, technical expertise, and is a pioneer in the electric furnace technology. By building on our past successes, OTANI has become a remarkable steelmaking corporation that supports the affluence of the new era, and we will continue our operations in this fashion so our raison d'etre is recognized by the community and the market.

The "OTANI" brand has become accepted and highly valued for quality because of our industry-leading technology in steelmaking and rolling, and our original production and quality management systems. We continue to provide products that satisfy higher customer needs by accurately identifying market needs & wants, and strive to be recognized as "The Best of the Best Brands" in the world.
OTANI's new "communication mark" is designed to embody a further leap as a corporation and our deep contribution to our community. The glowing light indicates the future and the open arms extend in a kind embrace. This mark symbolizes OTANI Steel, as we continue blazing a trail toward future potential while working hand-in-hand with people in our community

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