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Our production line incorporates a variety of unrivaled features devised by experts, which are far superior to others, such as the hot direct rolling system and "unitized-slag" operating system.
These technologies are at the core of OTANI Steel, a pioneer in electric arc furnaces.
The Production Department puts the total production process, from the materials yard through production and on to the shipping section, all under collective management. This integrated production system not only assures high quality products, free from manufacturing variations, but also makes production extraordinarily efficient.
Hot direct rolling is OTANI Steel's proprietary, revolutionary production system, which connects the casting process directly to the rolling process. A continuously cast billet is rolled while it is hot. This is a highly efficient production technique, in that it saves the energy that would be used for re-heating. In addition, HDR is also an eco-friendly production system because it produces less CO2 emissions.
OTANI Steel has its own "unitized-slag operation system", which reduces oxidized slag using carbon without removing it. This unique system reduces impurities and keeps the chemical constituents in the molten steel constant, to assure a uniformly high quality final product.

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