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Society has developed from one where people led a settled life, passing through the social division of labour to finally arrive at our modern industrial society, carrying out its various allotted roles during this process. In this sense, I believe that while businesses, as social entities, are born from the needs of society, supported by it and founded upon their significance to it, they must also enhance the value of their existence.
This is why I see “OTANI-ism” as continuing to contribute to the development of the regional community, with OTANI Steel fully recognizing our position and taking as our creed the intent to firmly face up to and respond to the evolving demands of contemporary society.
Environmental issues are being highlighted and the world is now calling out for “ecology” and “the construction of a recycling-oriented society”. We pioneered the use of environmentally-friendly production systems in the steel industry, and it is my fervent wish that we maintain this business attitude and continue to contribute to regional society and to our local culture.

Hisakazu Otani

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